Those Days!

103rd Entry Shield

Over the years we’ve collated many different pictures from different aspects of the time in 103rd Entry apprenticeship. We’ve organised them into suitable galleries for your enjoyment. Click on any to visit that gallery page.

We welcome additional photos to add to the collection so do please send them in with a description.


Passing out!

The Band

The Apprentice Pipe Bands were always a good show, and we like to think we had one of the best, we certainly had some good individuals. George Rattray stole the show with the Pipes.

Entry Farm

This is our departing from RAF Halton as senior Entry. Our contrubution to just what we thought of the parade square!

Brecon Beacons

We all Went On A Summer Holiday!
At the Queen’s expense a number of the Entry had two weeks free accommodation (tents), food (compo rations) and exercise  in the Brecon Beacons. 

To bring back the joy of those days, here are a variety of old photos.

Ten Tors

Ten Tors was (still is) a youth expedition across Dartmoor. It has been run as a yearly event since 1960.  In 1965 we had a 103rd Entry team in the Senior age group and for them the “walk” would be 60 miles. 

Member photos

An assortment of photos from years gone by. Thanks to the many members who continue to send in their old pictures