Association Membership

103rd Entry Shield

Why not become an Association member and keep up to date with what’s going on?

Association Membership (How to join)
Why not become a member and keep up to date with what’s going on.
Click here to download an Association Membership application form (see below). Just complete it and return it to your bank.  Being a member gives you access to the Members’ Area where there is more nostalgic information to be enjoyed.

While not free, the membership fee for the Association is £10 per year, ably looked after by Mick Woodhouse as Treasurer. This helps to subsidise reunions and put money behind the bar to keep the beer flowing. Also to help with the cost associated with running the newsletter and maintaing the web site. A sadder use of funds has been to buy wreaths, on behalf of the Entry, for the funerals of our In Memoriam members. Money was also put towards the Entry Window in St. George’s Church, Halton.

We have an Entry Newsletter that comes out once or maybe twice a year, and is now produced by Brian Lee who has taken it over from Chris Wales. (See committee meeting minutes Nov 2008.) Brian is always looking for contributions to help fill the newsletter. Just send him any topic that could be used. It doesn’t have to be entry related, something amusing, a photo, something that you want to sell or let, etc. etc. All contributions are very gratefully received. Quite a few people have written in giving a potted history of what happened to them after leaving the tender clutches of the Halton drill sergeants. All contributions gratefully received. Just email him at

The newsletters are now added to the site. Also, minutes of Committee meetings, and financial statements will be regular items. It would save the Association some money on postage if those with access to the site would be happy not to receive newsletters through the post. 
If you are happy to do that, please let Brian know again at

Joining the 103rd Entry Association.

Simply download the membership form, complete it and take it to your bank, who will then process the joining fee and confirmation our Treasurer.
If you’d like to find out more or just want to get in touch with someone, drop us an email.