Memorial windows

103rd Entry Shield

The Entry Association has two memorial windows in St George’s Church at RAF Halton, one for the 103rd Entry and one for the Rhodesian Royal Air Force.

103rd Entry window.

Jan 1963 to Dec 1965: period during which the 103rd Entry Apprentices received their Trade Training. The 103rd Entry consisted of members from all walks of life throughout the United Kingdom and also a number from Malaysia and Rhodesia.

The Wheel
Worn on the left arm to indicate an apprentice.
The red background depicts the flight. For the 103rd it was red throughout the whole of their training period. The eagle represents the arm flash worn on the shoulder of the uniforms.

The Shield
Roman numerals for 103rd .
Cockerel: This depicts the ‘Cock-of-the-Walk’ athletic trophy won by the Entry in their first term in 3 Wing. Traditionally the competition was always won by the senior entry of the Wing; the 103rd entry broke that tradition.
The blue background behind the cockerel in the shield represents the hat band colour of 2 Wing.

The Banner 103 rd Entry
The yellow background of the window represents the hat band colour of 3 wing.

Rhodesian window.

The Royal Rhodesian Air Force also has a memorial window in St. George’s Church.

Our entry number is the bottom one in the list of entries.  There were no more Rhodesian apprentices after UDI was declared and our two Rhodesian guys went home.