Ten Tors Revival

The 103rd entry  Ten Tors revival.
Dates: 9/10 May 2015

Location:  Dartmoor, South of Oakhampton Camp.

2015 saw the 55th running of the Ten Tors Expedition. However, for the 103rd it is more significant, it was 50 years since Halton succeeded in getting full teams to complete the 60 mile trek. The successful103rd team were Dave (Eddie) Cockram, Ron Dent, Kevin Dillon, John Dillon, Mick Lewry and Malcolm Watts.
Fifty years on, our Committee wondered if there were enough legs and lungs strong enough to re-enact that auspicious day in 1965. I don’t think we are talking about walking 60 miles over Dartmoor, but maybe we could get a team together who could
walk 35 miles and shadow a route that the official teams would be taking.

Malcolm Watts