2008 Reunion
at the Hotel

The 103rd Entry Association’s 2008 Reunion was held on 10th & 11th May 2008
Venue: Holiday Inn, Aylesbury and RAF Halton  for a
Church Window Re-dedication service.

Another good event from the 103rd entry. We all gathered at the Holiday Inn, Aylesbury, on the Saturday evening for a great social get-together. The bar flowed well and the talking didn’t stop. There was so much to talk about and catch up on. We even had members from as far as Cyprus (Jeff Lloyd) & Australia (Tom Maxwell). How we’ve all changed for those days at Halton way back in 1963! We were also honored with the presence of Peter Ayerst – was OC 1 Sqn, 3 (A) Wing 1963 and Ernie Fox – depuy Flt Cdr 1 Sqn 2 (A) Wing – 1964 / 65. Peter was also signing his biography book ‘Spirit of the Blue’ by Hugh Thomas (Peter Ayerst – A Fighter Pilot’s Story); Sutton Puiblishing; paperback.

There is a great selection of photographs from the weekend. They are split into four galleries to make them easier to view.
At the Hotel, visit to Halton House, the rededication of the Church Window and the Lunch in 1 Wing.
To view photos from the whole weekend select from the galleries below.

The photos are from various members.

Rollcall of attendees

Barry Neal,  Ken Bannister,  Les Garden,  Brian Lee,  Dave Post,  Les Shardlow,  Chris Wales,  Malcolm Watts,  Mick Woodhouse,  ,  Dave Adams,  Dinga Bell,  Peter Callus,  Alan (Tiny) Cowsill,  Chris Fair,  Roger Flitter,  Jeff Lloyd,  Dave Mathers,  Tom & Michelle Maxwell,  Iain & Sue Morris,  Rob Peele,  Kevin Sheehan,  Pete Slawson,  Alan Wilson.

Guests,  Peter Ayerst,  Ernie Fox,  Ann Bayes & Elizabeth Bayes,  Mo (Eades) Venner,  Mr & Mrs Peacock