2015 Reunion

50 years since leaving RAF Halton!
The 103rd Entry Association’s 2015 Reunion was held on 13-14 June at The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton and RAF Cosford Air Show.

The 103rd entry put on another great reunion. We all gathered at the The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton, on the Saturday afternoon for a social meet-and-greet trying to recognise who’s-who.  How we’ve all changed for those days at Halton.  It was great to see such a crowd of us with so much to talk about and catch up on.

Sunday most of us went to RAF Cosford Air Show where we had our own hospitality area and very nice it was too.

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Photos from various members.

Rollcall of attendees

Barry & Ruth Neal, Ken Bannister & Sandie Haines, Les & Carole Garden, Brian & Yvonne Lee, Dave & Sue Post, Chris & Heather Wales, Mick Woodhouse & Tracy Owens, Dave & Margaret Adams, Ian & Jenny Armitage, Mick & Jenny Bath, Jeremy Bell & Amanda, Paul & Alice Collins, Roger Evanson, Chris & Sue Fair, Roger Flitter, Ernie Fox, Bob & Ann Gamble, Milton Hey, Richard Hughes, Jeff & Jeannette Lloyd, Dave Mathers, Bob Mawson, Gary McMememy, Pete & Jen Slawson, Ken Warburton, Gwyn & Eileen Weallans, Alan Wilson,

Guests: John Perry & Karen Hale