2003 Reunion
40th Bash

40 years since joining RAF Halton!

The Queen’s Head pub, Aylesbury 2003

A really good night had by all, no snow though, so not quite the same as 40 years ago, but then the bodies attending weren’t quite so young either! Les did us proud with the Queen’s Head and the food.

All the photos below were taken by Chris Wales. Your job is to put names to faces!!
Can you find yourself?

Rollcall of attendees

Barry Neal, Ken Bannister, John Dillon, Les Garden, Brian Lee, Les Shardlow, Chris Wales, Malcolm Watts, Richard Ball, Tony Chaplin, Ron Dent, Rick Eades, Colin Frame, George Hope, Dave Mathers, Bob Mawson, Alex Nicholson, Doug Pearson, Bob Proctor, Bill Rawden, Kevin Sheehan, Pete Slawson, Mick Woodhouse,