June 2013 Reunion 
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103rd Entry 2013 Reunion (50 years since joining in January 1963)
Venue: Three Queens Hotel, Burton-Upon-Trent and the National Memorial Arboretum

22nd & 23rd June 2013

The 103rd entry put on a great reunion. We all gathered at the Three Queens Hotel, Burton-Upon_Trent, on the Saturday afternoon for a social meet-and-greet trying to recognise whos-who.   How we've all changed for those days at Halton.  It was great to see such a crowd of us with so much to talk about and catch up on.

Sunday was not a good day from the weather point of view - the sun was missing but the rain was very much present.   We all met at the National Memorial Arboretum, about 8 miles south of Burton-Upon-Trent.  Here, we had a small servive followed by a wreath laying at the 'The Halton Grove Memorial Garden' in tribute to Entry members no longer with us . We also had a Piper, (Keith Arnott - 89th Entry) from the 'Golden Oldies' playing a selection of those tunes we all remembered from our Halton days. Very poignant.
Afterwards, a look around the Arboretum was very moving. (If you have never been there it is well woth a visit.  Especially as RAF Halton has its very own Memorial Garden.)  We all departed having very much enjoyed the whole Reunion experience weekend and looking forward to the next Entry get together,

There is a great selection of photographs from the weekend. They are split into three galleries to make them eaiser to see.
To view photos from the whole weekend select from the galleries below.

Saturday Evening Reunion Dinner NMA
Saturday afternoon arrival Reunion Dinner Visit to the NMA
Photos courtesy: Les garden, Dave Post, Gwynn Weallans and Ann Gamble

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