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The 1995 Reunion
Venue: Falcon Hotel Stratford-upon-Avon
In 1995 there were 38 members who attended, some of whom also brought other halves, so we were about 50 altogether.
An honorary guest was Ernie Fox; for those who remember one of our Flight Commanders.

These photos can be enlarged to show the happy bunch of '95.
reunion95.JPG (66885 bytes)
reunion with wives.JPG (246583 bytes)

Those who attended in 1995 were;
Les Shardlow, Ken Bannister, Chris Neal, Barry Neal, Jeff Lloyd, Pete Slawson, Chris Wales, George Hope, Brian Lee, Kevin Sheehan, Mick Woodhouse, Pete Bolton, Nick Smith, Colin Frame, Duncan Patterson, Dave Post, Alec Nicholson, Keith Wilson, Mick Bath, Jerry Bell, Ken Burn, John Dillon, Kevin Dillon, Gerry Miller, Bob Lee, Dave Mathers, Dick Turkhud, Bob Proctor, Bob Mawson, Bill Davidson, Roger Evanson, Les Garden, John Bromley, Chris Lacey, Dave Adams, Shaun O'Rourke, Malcolm Watts  also Ernie Fox and his wife.   About half the entry guys brought their wives.

mal95.JPG (28401 bytes)Look's like Brian Lee and our Malaysian colleagues have been having a reunion of their own.  Another photo from Brian. 
From left to right, Brian, Surin, Song(seated) Loh and Raja.
"Taken in KL after a very enjoyable evening out with our wives in December 1995". 
Brian says he knows where Arrifin and Leong are, and he believes that Liew is in Iraq and Lim is in Australia.

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